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Common Admission Form For UG/PG/Diploma/B.Ed/M.Ed (For Regular Students Only) (For Semester System)

Common Admission Form for UG/PG/Diploma (Private Candidates Only) (For Semester System)

Admission Form for Undergraduate Courses.(For Regular Candidates Only.) (For Annual System)

Course Appraisal form for Lectures

Admission Form for Undergraduate Courses.(For Private Candidates Only.) (For Annual System)

Admission Form for P.G.Diploma/Diploma/Advance Diploma/Certificate Courses. (For Annual System)

Admission Form for MA/M.Sc/M.Com.(For Private Candidates Only) (For Annual System)

B.Ed Exam.(For Regular Candidates Only) (For Annual System)

Duplicate D.M.C/Degree

Inter University Migration(Punjabi)

Inter University Migration(English)

Inter College Migration

Apply for Re-evaluation

Degree Absentia

Academic Staff College Form

Phd Enrollment Form

Special Chance Form

Enrolment Form (For Private Candidates Only)

Enrolment Form (For M.A Private Candidates)

M.A/M.Sc Subject Code List. (Alphabetically)

BA Subject Code List. (Alphabetically)

Annual Self-Assesment for the performance based Appraisal System (PBAS)

Grading Proforma(Credit Based Evaluation System)

Pre Ph.D./M.Phil Form

Computer Form

Application form for Eligibility Certificate
(For admission in colleges/university Teaching Dept.)

Admission Form for M.Ed (For Regular/Provate Candidates)

Admission Form for Giyani/Budhiman

Admission Form for Ratan,Parbhakar and Shastri

Admission Form for Physiotherapy

Admission Form for B.Ed (For Private Candidates Only)

Admission Form B.P.Ed.

Admission Form M.P.Ed.

Form for Tearch's Return

Semester Form for Foreigner Candidates

Admission Form M.D. (SPORTS MEDICINE)

Eligibility Form

Important Note : Forms must be printed on both sides of pages.


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